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    I've been watching this one trade, was very surprised they run it up to .80 before the PP was closed. Not because it would hurt the PP price. No it was because there would be options to set, the lower the better right? Why run it up before they were set.

    Now that the PP is closed they will set the options, maybe today after market close. I'm thinking .50 and then turn it on Monday.

    I picking up 50,000 shares (average @ .53) for a trade only, zero intention of holding. 50% to a 100% short term, risky, certainly have no facts to back up my thinking but it's a trade I'll take.

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    It was sold down to .39 just before market close. With the 10% discount to today's close that they are allowed new options will be set @ .35.

    Got 50,000 shares @ .53. Do not think I will buy anymore.

    Trade on!



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      New Carolin 5,713,428-share private placement 2018-02-08 15:01 PT - Private Placement

      The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing documentation with respect to a non-brokered private placement announced Dec. 18, 2017.

      Flow-through (FT) shares

      Number of FT shares: 713,428 flow-through shares

      Purchase price: 35 cents per flow-through share

      Non-flow-through (NFT) shares

      Number of NFT shares: five million non-flow-through shares

      Purchase price: 25 cents per non-flow-through share

      Warrants: 2.5 million share purchase warrants to purchase 2.5 million shares

      Warrant initial exercise price: 35 cents

      Warrant term to expiry: two years

      Number of placees: 61 placees

      Insiders: D. Barry Lee, 57,000; Robert Lunde, 278,214

      Total pro group involvement: 290,000 (six placees)

      Finders' fees: Chris Hilliard, $8,000 cash; Leede Jones Gable, $6,000 cash and 24,000 warrants; Gerhard Merkel, $8,000 cash; Mackie Research Capital Corp., $6,000 cash and 24,000 warrants; Pat Georgetti, $4,000 cash; PI Financial Corp., $8,000 cash and 32,000 warrants

      Finder's warrant initial exercise price: 35 cents

      Finder's warrant term to expiry: two-year expiry

      Note that in certain circumstances, the exchange may later extend the expiry date of the warrants, if they are less than the maximum permitted term.


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        PP's closed, set the options and lol 'Release the Kraken!"

        ok ok wrong movie. I think the hardest thing for us as investors and traders is to sit tight. We know we're right, we know if we sit tight we'll make money but having the strength of conviction, the patience to let everything come together behind the scenes is the hardest thing, for me at least, to do.




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          New Carolin Gold Corp. has completed $1.5-million in equity financing and is now preparing a multistage underground exploration program at its wholly owned Ladner gold project near Hope, B.C.

          The Company made significant capital investments in 2016 and 2017 to upgrade the underground and to improve access at the Carolin Mine Zone, in preparation for its upcoming exploration / drilling program planned in 2018.

          Upgrades in the fall of 2016 included scaling and timbering throughout the 800 (track level) and 900 level tunnels, rehab of escape routes, installing of insulated doors at the 800 and 900 portals, establishing a water reservoir and installation of a supply system for water delivery to planned drill stations.

          2017 work included roof bolting and screening of drill stations at the 800 and 900 levels, the installation of a command center / trailer, the installation of a hardline communications system to the back of mine, the purchase and installation of a 600 KVA generator with fuel tank, the purchase and installation of 1 kilometer of power cable along with an associated transformer and installation of a substation at the back of the mine.

          In early January 2018 the company leased a D8 Cat and a large excavator to clear snow from the highway to the Carolin Mine site. This equipment will remain on site for the season for regular snow removal and road maintenance. Minor power supply related components required to be fully operational are currently being procured for start up.

          Planned exploration programs for 2018 have been formulated utilizing nearly 700 historical drill hole assays, data from the 2016 surface drill program, detailed underground and surface surveys, detailed mapping, a structural surveying from underground and on surface, surface sampling, underground channel sampling, and data obtained from 3D geological modeling.

          The exploration targets planned in the multistage exploration program will comprise of step-out holes at existing mineralized gold zones, deigned to confirm and augment historical resource estimates, as well as, drilling previously untested targets from drill stations in very close proximity to known mineralized zones. New Carolin believes that the new data received from this exploration program, together with all of the historical data, will allow the company to advance the project and

          build a compelling geological model at the Carolin Mine Zone.

          New Carolin looks forward to providing updates to shareholders as developments unfold.

          A bout New Carolin Gold Corp.

          New Carolin Gold is a Canadian-based junior company focused on the exploration, evaluation and development of our 100% owned property consisting of 144 square kilometers of contiguous mineral claims and crown grants, collectively known as the "Ladner Gold Project" (Project). The Project is located near Hope, BC in the prospective and under-explored Coquihalla Gold Belt, which is host to several historic small gold producers including the Carolin Mine, Emancipation Mine and Pipestem Mine, and numerous gold prospects.