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    Hoping I found the next Jericho or Marksman.

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    An Overlooked Low-Cost Oil Producer With Expanding Production Output





        Advantagewon Oil Corp. has granted options to purchase up to 10.5 million common shares of the corporation at a price of 10 cents per share, expiring on April 17, 2018, which is 90 days after the grant date. The options were granted to consultants of the corporation in accordance with the corporation's stock option plan. The options were also granted based on the Jan. 17, 2018, closing price of Advantagewon's common stock.

        About Advantagewon Oil Corp.

        Advantagewon is focused on building consistent cash flow from low-cost, low-risk oil wells in the state of Texas. Advantagewon applies specialized expertise to increase oil recovery from 10 per cent to 15 per cent to up to 75 per cent for each well. Once the enhanced recovery strategy is successfully applied, Advantagewon will repeat the process throughout the oil pool to maximize output and minimize cost and risk.


          I will be buying more AOC this week.



            Advantagewon Oil Corp. Announces Proposed Q1 2018 Drilling Programme 2018-01-22 05:05 PT - News Release

            Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - January 22, 2018) - Advantagewon Oil Corp. (CSE: AOC) (OTCQB: ANTGF) (the "Corporation", "Advantagewon", "AOC") announced today that it had finalized its proposed Q1 Drilling and Operational Development Programme.

            The Corporation intends to drill a minimum of six wells and may drill up to ten wells on three of its current LaVernia field leases before the end of Q1, 2018. The intended plan will be to initially drill two wells on each lease, with additional locations permitted and ready to go based on the success on the initial drilling.

            For the proposed drilling, the initial six wells will target two shallow "Poth" sands at depths ranging from 1100 to 1400 feet. The Corporation has prioritized the "Poth" sand for its Q1 Drilling and Operational Development Programme as the Poth does not require a frac to produce Oil, saving costs and resulting in near immediate Oil production. The shallower of these, the "A" sand has been a proven oil producer in the area for over 60 years. The deeper sand, the "B" sand, has produced oil and tested oil in a number of wells in the area, but has seen virtually no development. The three leases to be drilled total 698 acres. Drilling cost is estimated at $75,000.00 (USD) per well for a total of $450,000.00. The Corporation anticipates initial production rates of 15 bopd per well.

            In Q4 of 2017, the Corporation's Q4 Drilling and Operational Development Programme primarily targeted the deeper "Navarro" sand which required a frac. The Corporation has learned that the Navarro sand wells once frac'd take a longer time to recover injected frac fluids before seeing Oil produced vs. the Poth. The Navarro wells do have a long production life, once stable oil production is established, however Poth has the potential of rapidly increasing the Corporation's daily production. The proceeds from the potential increased production can be used to further develop the company's land holdings.

            The results from the Q4 Drilling and Operational Development Programme were successful and the Corporation is currently producing approximately 45 barrels of oil per day (bopd). Two wells previously drilled in that program are still not on production. The Corporation anticipates that one will be on production by the end of January while the other well will be fraced by mid-February depending on the availability of a frac crew.

            About Advantagewon Oil Corp.

            Advantagewon is focused on building consistent cash flow from low cost, low risk oil wells in the State of Texas. AOC applies specialized expertise to increase oil recovery from 10-15% to up to 75% for each well. Once the enhanced recovery strategy is successfully applied, AOC will repeat the process throughout the oil pool to maximize output and minimize cost and risk. For more information please visit




                Advantagewon Oil Corporation CEO, Charles Dove, Reports “A Lot Left to Do” in Texas Oil
                2018-01-24 08:36 PT - News Release

                PHOENIX, Jan. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Charles Dove, CEO, of Toronto-based oil and gas company Advantagewon Oil Corporation (CSE:AOC), (OTCQB:ANTGF) calls in to the “Stock Day” podcast. Host and Uptick Newswire CEO, Mr. Everett Jolly, was excited to welcome first time guest Mr. Charles Dove to the show. Advantagewon Oil Corporation (the “Company”) is focusing on the great state of Texas which used to be well known for oil and gas opportunities.

                Mr. Dove reports to listeners that he had once heard the suspicion that the oil fields throughout Texas were tapped. To his surprise though, many formerly pumped sites, upon further inquisition, began showing much of the oil is still in the ground. Attributing this to old technology and outdated pumps, the Company is attaining many sites throughout the state. Mr. Dove cites great commodity price difference between U.S. and Canada, shallow reservoirs and lower drilling costs all attributing to the Company’s finding great advantages in Texas: “There is still a lot left to do. A lot of low risk opportunity and we just see that as a great way to grow a company right now.”

                Mr. Jolly refers to Mr. Dove as the “powerhouse” behind the success of energy giant Dejour Energy Inc. Reliving his experience of his jointly funded operation, Mr. Dove discusses how he helped grow Dejour Energy Inc. from a land deal in British Columbia, to having 2 wells down and cased in about 30 days in 2007. The development program the following year began producing 1,000 barrels a day and was valued at approximately 58.2 million dollars.

                Applying whatever technologies that are appropriate and current, seeing recovery rates of 5% or less on former wells Mr. Dove lays out his strategy for 2018: “With Enhanced recovery methods, we extract the most we can from these older pools”. At a conservative estimate, he anticipates of the Texas wells paying out in 3 to 4 months if producing 15 barrels a day. Preparing to drill 6 new wells, aiming at lowest risk possible, moving aggressively, working on low risk repeatable opportunities, Mr. Dove is looking to make big leaps with production and continue moving the Company forward in 2018.

                Listen to the entire interview by clicking the link here:

                About Advantagewon Oil Corp.

                Advantagewon Oil Corp., is focused on building consistent cash flow from low cost, low risk oil wells in the State of Texas. AOC applies specialized expertise to increase oil recovery from 10-15% to up to 75% for each well. Once the enhanced recovery strategy is successfully applied, AOC will repeat the process throughout the oil pool to maximize output and minimize cost and risk. For more information please visit

                For further information please contact:
                Mr. Charles Dove
                CEO & Director
                Advantagewon Oil Corp.
                T: (403) 815-2440


                  Resurgent US oil industry priming the economic pump



                    I picked up 89,000 shares in the market 2 weeks ago, going to buy 111,000 more. I have a core position of 500,000. Going to use these new 200k shares as traders.



                      Added another 130,000 this morning.



                        Texas shale challenges North Sea crude as world oil benchmark



                          Sacramento, CA , Feb. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new report has been published on Advantagewon Oil Corp. (OTCQB: ANTGF) Advantagewon Oil Corp. operates as a low-cost and low-risk oil exploration and production company within the state of Texas. As of February 2018, Advantagewon Oil Corp has around 24 low-cost prospects across two properties within the state: La Vernia and Saratoga. The company holds leases covering 3,500 plus acres on the La Vernia field, 400 acres on Saratoga property. Currently, Advantagewon Oil Corp. has operational oil wells at its La Vernia and Saratoga properties, where the company has production costs of $11 per barrel and $12 per barrel respectively.

                          The report provides an overview of Advantagewon Oil Corp., its oil properties/leases, industry analysis, and the outlook for the U.S. oil markets for 2018.

                          Goehring & Rozencwajg: WTI Crude Oil To Hit $100 In 2018

                          As the first month of 2018 comes to a close, oil stands among the top performers. WTI Crude Oil saw gains greater than 7.00% for the month of January, closing at just under $65 per barrel. The long-term trend on oil’s Commitment of Traders (COT) report remain very bullish, as commercial hedgers and large traders continue to add to their positions.

                          According to a recent report from natural resource investment management firm, Goehring & Rozencwajg, the oil markets are on track to hit $100 in 2018. The firm sees the rallying continuing due to the continuation of oil inventory drawdowns, improving demand, decrease in large oil discoveries, and signs of exhaustion within the U.S. shale market.

                          “Since we first outlined our thesis one year ago, oil inventories have drawn by as much as 650,000 b/d relative to normal – a record rate. The market deficit continues to get worse, and 2018 should see inventories draw further. With the market in deficit, demand surging higher and the rest of the non-OPEC world feeling the impact of meager conventional discoveries, the burden of balancing the market falls to the US shales. However, signs are emerging that the US shales are exhibiting the first signs of field exhaustion and will not be able to make up the shortfall. Inventories should continue to fall, putting upward pressure on oil prices. Our thesis – $100 oil sometime in 2018 – is looking more and more possible,” detailed the resource outlook report.

                          Goehring & Rozencwajg also commented on the lack of attention to the oil rebound, which is up around 150% since bottoming in February 2016. The firm notes that investors continue to rely on consensus data rather than actual fundamental improvements. The firm concluded that the continued neglect from investors and coinciding fundamental improvements in the oil markets could “present investors with a phenomenal buying opportunity.”

                          Advantagewon Oil: First Quarter Drilling Program To Expand Oil Production Capabilities By 15 BOPD Initially

                          Advantagewon Oil Corp. recently released its proposed first quarter 2018 drilling program, which detailed the intent to drill between six to ten wells across three of its current LaVernia leases by the end of March 2018. These initial wells will target two shallow Poth sands at depths from 1,100 to 1,400 feet. Poth does not require fracing to produce, which allows the company to save on expenses and increase cash flow. Overall, the new wells are expected to add an additional 15 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) in production initially.

                          Furthermore, the company took the opportunity to announce that its average daily oil production has hit approximately 45 BOPD. Management forecasts monthly revenues net of royalties to come in around $60,000 USD for the month of January.

                          On January 24th, Advantagewon Oil CEO Charles Dove interviewed with the “Stock Day” podcast to provide more details on the company’s Texas operations. Mr. Dove notes that advanced technologies and upgraded wells have revitalized the Texas oil landscape, which was once considered to be tapped. “There is still a lot left to do. A lot of low-risk opportunity and we just see that as a great way to grow a company right now,” detailed Mr. Dove.

                          Overall, Advantagewon Oil has an exciting future ahead, as the low-cost producer continues to expand its production capabilities across its properties. Oil market fundamentals continue to stabilize and improve, despite the lack of attention from investors. However, the commitment of traders (COT) report shows that the “smart money,” the commercial hedgers, are continuing to expand on their short positions on oil to multi-year highs. Advantagewon Oil is entering a period of high-growth and margins, as oil prices continue to march higher.

                          For more information on Advantagewon Oil Corp., please visit and


                            Company is going to issue a clarification on those per day numbers. Each well is expected to produce 15 bopd initially. So 90 to 150 bopd initially. Where production will stabilize I don't know, but the new number, this new production added to the current 45 bopd will be an impressive start.



                              Bought 300,000 (average @ .16) over the last while. Plan on holding my core position of 500,000 and trading the 300,000.