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    I just hope we can get well into this trial before Viacyte restarts their trial early 2019? with the new Gor membrane they are talking about. Although they seem to be having problems on that end it does feel like pressure is building again as Viacyte seems to have allot $$$ backing them with Jonson and Jonson ext/

    Speaking of $$ you would think we would be getting a piece of this pie??

    "In 2017, JDRF partnered with the Government of Canada, announcing a new $30 million Partnership to Defeat Diabetes. JDRF and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research have each committed $15 million to fund up to 10 new clinical trials."

    In 2016 SVA announced funding from JDRF right after they raised money in the PP. Maybe we can expect something similar this time around especially with the Canadian government involved.


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