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    FYI...I queried David MacMillan as to why Greencastle submitted a 45-102F1 form letting the markets know they are providing notice that they may sell some or all of their 9.2 million shares. David responded that they just wanted the flexibilty to buy and sell as needed and doubted their largest shareholder would see anything negative about their partnership with Monsanto and have been a significant buyer over the last few years. Still......I see some distribution potential here, otherwise the notice would not be needed. JMO.


      Yeah I agree some distribution is not only possible but is actually happening. BUT it might not be a negative. The stock is very tightly held, Greencastle, DVR's largest shareholder, and David and Norm the two DVR co-founders hold over 50% of the shares. With the extremely low float the only way to get interested parties in would be to cross some out or do a financing - I'm told a financing is not going to happen down here. I have no problem with Greencastle and other early shareholders distributing shares if this is what it's for. IMO it's all good as long as the new shareholders are a difference maker, meaning a help in the market going ahead.

      Of course only time will tell but how can anyone actually think Blondelle and Monsanto as clients is a bad thing?

      I continue to think we're ahead of the herd on a monster.



        Deveron Brings Drone Imaging to Farm Data Partnership with Monsanto

        november 18, 2017by greencastle
        Barry Critchley Financial Post Nov. 17, 2017:

        Since identifying drones as a business to expand into, Deveron has made acquisitions, raised capital and formed partnerships

        This week Deveron, which defines itself as a “data service company providing farmers with the opportunity to increase yields and reduce costs through the use of sophisticated unmanned aerial systems”, inked its biggest deal, a partnership with The Climate Corp., a subsidiary of Monsanto Co.

        Deveron now becomes the eleventh partner on the FieldView platform. “We are the first non-U.S. partner, and the only partner providing drone imagery collection,” said MacMillan, who first contacted Climate Corp. more than two years back when he was given the opportunity to find a new business for the former Deveron Resources, a company taken public in early 2012 but which had trouble in gaining traction. At the time Greencastle Resources was Deveron’s largest shareholder.

        The steady development of Deveron UAS Corp., a company that started life as a junior miner more than five years back — but which changed focus two years back to become one of the country’s few drone companies — continues.

        One way to view the significance of the partnership: Monsanto, which has a market cap of US$52 billion, bought Climate Corp. in the fall of 2013 for US$1.1 billion. Deveron’s market cap is $8 million.

        David MacMillan, Deveron’s chief executive said while Monsanto is viewed “by many people in the agricultural industry as a leader when it comes to technology,” its purchase of Climate Corp., a company started by two former Google executives, was especially significant. “It shed a light to the ag industry that maybe data did have a future,” said MacMillan, noting that The Climate Corp’s FieldView platform (which was launched in 2015 and which costs US$1,000 — US$3,000 per month) is used by more than 100,000 farmers in North America and Brazil. Those users farm more than 120 million acres.

        “Others are providing analysis on drone data but none are collecting the data for the farmers. That’s the beauty of our business model. Climate Corp. analyses data. We collect it for farmers which means they don’t have to buy drones,” said MacMillan who is also relatively new to the world of drones.

        Indeed when he returned to Canada from graduate studies in Scotland a few years back he was seeking a position as a research economist. That career path changed when he met Anthony Roodenburg, chief executive of Greencastle Resources.

        Reached Friday, Roodenburg said the agreement with Climate Corporation “is a tremendous validation of Deveron’s business model.”

        Since identifying drones as a business to expand into, Deveron has acquired privately held Eagle Scout Imaging (run by Norm Lemothe), set on an expansion path, raised capital and formed other partnerships. For the first nine months of 2017 drone income was four times the level of the same period of 2016.

        Denise Hockaday, Climate Corp.’s business lead for Canada also lauded the new partnership, given that FieldView, which is also an app, offers a place for the farmers to bring all their data into one location. Informed decisions are possible, she said, when “all the pieces of data are in the same context.”

        Now Deveron’s data will be added. “Deveron offers timely in-season aerial high definition imagery. And that is very important in decision-making over the course of the season. The data has greater value to the farmer when all the data is in one location,” said Hockaday. Climate Corp. — which brought its FieldView product to Canada last spring and which is set to expand across the country — already offers imagery. But that information is obtained from satellites, not always an ideal situation because of weather conditions. “Partnering with Deveron gives farmers even more value, she said.


          StreetWise - Richard Mills/Fabrice Taylor on DVR


            Hey Rick,

            Have you talked to David at Deveronous lately?? I noticed Canaccord is pretty much the only seller of stock these days. Was wondering if that's who Greencastle trades through or is this just a PP holder dispensing for year end. I assume as they go into January, their new partnerships will require them to increase capital expenditures as they ramp up for the upcoming growing season. Was wondering if you've heard whether they are planning a private placement in the New Year.



              Picked some up at .25. might get a chance at some low .20's. I'm just hoping some last minute tax loss selling and it will restrengthen come new year.



                Deveron UAS Corp. has retained leading investor relations firm First Canadian Capital Corp. to provide investor relations and strategic communications services to broaden the company's investor base and enhance continuing investor communications.

                First Canadian will provide investor relations, market awareness and consulting services to the company. In consideration of providing these services, First Canadian will receive a monthly fee of $6,000, for an initial term of three months, renewing thereafter monthly until terminated on 30 days notice. In addition, the company has granted First Canadian an option to purchase 300,000 common shares of the company at an exercise price of 36.5 cents per common share, with one-quarter of the options vesting immediately and balance vesting quarterly and expiring after two years.

                "First Canadian is very pleased to be working with David MacMillan and the entire Deveron management team during this strong growth phase of the company," said George Aizpurua, vice-president at First Canadian. "They have a footprint of multinational, Fortune 500 companies who speak very highly of their sophisticated technology. Deveron is much more than just drone technology -- the company is recognized as a leader in the agricultural tech world; capturing valuable big data and then utilizing artificial intelligence to identify problems early before they impact yield for their customers. Deveron is a company, we believe, that is on pace to capture a large chunk of the agricultural tech market across North America, well ahead of the curve. We look forward to adding value to the company's development and involving our network as they roll out their unique offering in 2018 and beyond."

                "First Canadian has an impressive track record of success in raising the profiles of early-stage growth companies," commented Deveron's president and chief executive officer, David MacMillan. "We are looking forward to working with them to introduce Deveron to their North American investor base."

                The appointment of First Canadian is subject to the requisite filings of the Canadian Securities Exchange and other applicable regulatory authorities.

                About Deveron UAS Corp.

                Deveron is a nationally compliant, Transport Canada-licensed, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operator providing enterprise drone data services to agriculture. Deveron's data help farmers increase yields and reduce costs using sophisticated unmanned aerial systems, sensors, software and analytics. Deveron's drone data service network allows enterprise-level customers to obtain on-demand, actionable data without exposure to technology and capital risks.


                  Ecosystems Are Collapsing, Food Bowls Are Next



                    Great read!!

                    Just finished a call with David at DVR. I'll be the first to admit he is WAYYYYY smarter than me, but the nuts and bolts of it is 2018 should be a strong year for DVR in terms of adoption of technology into the farming community. He has visions of a $billion company and has the partnerships in place to drive the business while keeping operating expenses in line. Quite impressed with how they've gone about developing the story. Not a lot of liquidity but if you're looking a bit longer term I think its a good hold.


                      Felaxio - Someone else woke up.
                      CVR - Deveron UAS Corp. - 11:52:32 PST - Update in 49 seconds Pause Live HTML5 Quote
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                        When I talked with David he admitted to being surprised by the tepid response to their deal with The Climate Corp.It was then that he came to the realization that he needed help in getting the word out. Maybe its First Canadian Capital Corp spreading the love.

                        You can now see Deveron link on The Climate Corp partners web-site. They intend on getting some mileage out of that relationship this year.


                          This run is not isolated to dvr only. It is on the whole drone sector. See UAV, FLT.


                            FLT up .20 on 5m shares,

                            UAV 28m traded? Yep, out of an os count of 89m.
                            C:UAV - Global UAV Technologies Ltd. - 00:33:24 PST - Update in 43 seconds Pause Live HTML5 Quote
                            UAV - C ATS 45.5 0.19 · 0.20 40.1 0.195 +0.03 18.2 28,229.8 5,963 2,376 0.175 0.255 0.16 0.255 0.04 15:59:59 Jan 11 realtime
                            CSE - C 45.5 0.19 · 0.20 40.1 0.195 +0.03 18.2 24,911.2 5,268 2,141 0.175 0.255 0.16 0.255 0.04 15:59:59 realtime
                            Omega - O 0.19 +0.025 15.2 1,542.0 331 147 0.19 0.25 0.17 15:58:56 15 min
                            TriAct - M 0.165 1,776.6 365 88 15 min


                              Climate FieldView™ and Deveron UAS Partnership



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