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    POSCO to buy lithium mining rights in Argentina from Galaxy


      In Chilean desert, global thirst for lithium is fueling a 'water war'


        Yamana warns Argentina’s looming tax on exports could hit bottom line


          Ruling leaves Kidman, SQM’s Australian lithium project in limbo


            This is the deposit, one of them, Tesla has an offtake for Lithium hydroxide. It’ll be shipped to China to supply batteries to the car plant Musk has bought property for.

            Ruling leaves Kidman, SQM’s Australian lithium project in limbo

            The lithium space has changed (for us for the better), drastically in the last little while.

            !.Chilian water rights and usage study.

            2.Argentinian 7.5% tax on revenue

            3.US tariffs on Chinese lithium/Batteries.

            4.Abelmarle building a lithium battery R&D center at Kings Mtn.

            5.This is huge and deserves some serious DD, it could be the biggest game change in the industry - China has been able to produce only tech grade lithium. NOT battery grade, this explains price differential between China and ROW.

            And now it appears projections of 40,000tpy has been taken away from the lithium bears story for an indefinite period of time. SQM dropped its Argentinian stuff to focus on Chile and Aus. They have a battle if they want to overtake Abelmarle to be the world’s largest lithium producer.


              Chile lawmakers mull additional mining tax for copper, lithium



                Exactly what we’ve been saying is going to happen - trying to achieve security of supply - has been, and is going to change the industry as much as increasing resource nationalism.

                Miners M&A, battery makers and end users – the EV manufacturers themselves ALL fighting for supply of lithium.



                BMW is pursuing a strategy aimed at securing lower-cost batteries than rivals, in part by controlling the supply of raw materials for its battery-making partners.

                “We will have agreements with mining companies,” Froehlich said. “We have one agreement. There will be more.”


                  Albemarle eyes future as pure-play lithium market leader



                    For Now, at Least, the World Isn’t Making Enough Batteries